ID Energy Group activates its Social Responsibility Programme alongside UNHCR

The aim is to improve access to renewable energies as part of the Pymes por los Refugiados (SMEs for Refugees) development programme led by the Spanish Committee of the UNHCR, in order to benefit societies and create a better world for future generations.

Ciudad Real, 30 September 2021. As part of its commitment to make a positive contribution to society and the planet through sustainability, ID Energy Group — a company specialising in photovoltaic energy — has joined the Pymes por los Refugiados campaign led by the Spanish Committee of the UNHCR to spread the word about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This programme aims to mobilise resources to support UNHCR projects that help millions of people who have been forcibly displaced, particularly women and children, and whose health and safety is at risk.

Benito Puebla, CEO of the corporate group, commented: “At ID Energy Group, we are very proud to be able to do our bit towards such an important task. As a renewable energies company, we play a strategic role in actions that can transform the present and help build a better future, and we are aware of the need to take action each and every day for the benefit of society. We are all agents of change. We have a steadfast commitment, and we will continue working to uphold it.”

The initiative coincides with the company’s recent image change and the sixth anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda, which fell on 25 September 2015.

Boosting companies’ contribution to sustainable development

Six years have passed since the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) — a universal call to action to end to poverty, protect the planet, and reduce inequality — were approved by the UN General Assembly. All 193 participating States, once of which was Spain, unanimously decided to adopt the promise to “leave no one behind” as the central pillar of the agreement.

To achieve such an ambitious Agenda, it was agreed that the participation of all kinds of actors would be necessary, from governments and companies to civil society and individuals. Its impact is based on the universal nature of the agreement and the ambition of its 169 targets. Reaching these targets will require an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society, and companies have an extremely important role to play in this sense.

The Pymes por los Refugiados programme in figures

According to global data related to renewable energies in the 2020 annual report from the Spanish committee of UNHCR:

1,624,789 people protected by UNHCR have access to sustainable energy sources.

1,724,199 people protected by UNHCR have access to sustainable electricity sources.

CO2 emissions were reduced by 500,000 tonnes thank to the use of clean energy sources.

3,000 hectares of degraded land were reforested in refugee hosting areas.