Our company

About us

As people, we are determined to build a more sustainable world.

As professionals, we have ample experience in renewable energies and are concerned about the future. Thanks to our more than 14 years of experience in different disciplines, we have an ample knowledge of the sector and are highly specialised.

As a company, we are always willing to go one step further. We have already broken into some very important self-consumption markets and reached some significant milestones: we have completed over 100 projects and built some of the largest self-consumption systems in Central Europe, the Baltic states, and Spain.

Our ability to take on complex challenges and offer our clients more advanced solutions with higher added value is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We meticulously adapt to each client’s needs and have the technology to create a variety of projects, from hybrid systems with storage to microgrids. We even manage energy and provide it to clients that don’t have self-consumption systems.

Our team

We know that the only way to go one step further is to surround ourselves with great people, and this is the most important element of our team. We recognise talent and know that the most important factor behind our company’s growth is our team’s hard work day in, day out. We are proud of all members of this big family, of what they have already achieved, and of what they will do in the future.

Javier López

Head of Self-Consumption

Jesús Pérez

Self-Consumption Sales Agent

Montserrat Mena

Self-Consumption Administrative

Ignacio Ruiz

Proposal Engineer

Luis David García Rodríguez

Proposal Engineer

Carlos Carrera

Self-Consumption Development PPA Manager

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